Block.One Released Major Blockchain Software Update 2.0

Blockchain software development firm Block.One released 2.0, the software underlying the EOS blockchain.

In the release announcement published on Twitter on Jan. 10, Block.One claimed that the update makes the blockchain “faster, simpler, and even more secure.”

Major changes to the smart contract virtual machine

The official blog post on new software explains that it includes a purpose-built WebAssembly (WASM) engine on which the EOS smart contracts run. According to its official website, WASM is an instruction format designed for deployment on the web and servers.

This change is expected to improve the performance of smart contract execution, given that it is supposedly up to 16 times faster than the engine used in the previous version.

This update also introduces WebAuthn support. According to the official website, WebAuthn is a web authentication standard based around public key cryptography. The announcement explains how EOS developers could use this standard: Read More...

Blockchain Software Update 2.0
Major changes to the smart contract virtual machine