Bitwise Presents Bitcoin [BTC] Market ‘Myth-Buster’ Statistical Report to the SEC

Bitwise Asset Management is one of the ETF applicants in the US, that has worked primarily on due diligence this year. In March, it released a report highlighting a grim truth about the cryptocurrency markets: the ‘fake reported volume on Exchanges.’ However, it bore a silver lining to it, as it was revealed that past the fake volume cloud exists a perfectly fine ‘free-market’ of cryptocurrencies.

Bitwise has submitted another report to the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) suggesting that the trading on ‘selected’ Cryptocurrency Exchanges is small but efficient enough to build an ETF on it.

Ten Exchanges with Real Volume

Consistent with its previous report, the new research pointed out that the reported volume on only ten Exchanges was published correctly. All the other Exchanges were reporting fake ‘non-economic’ data to gain ranking on CoinMarketCap. This attracts more customers, and the management charges hefty fees for listing as well. Nevertheless, ‘wash trading’ is non-economic...

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