BitMEX Allegedly Refunds Clients After “Black Thursday” Crash, Is Confidence Creeping Back In?

A lot of talk has developed from the recent failings of BitMEX in the middle of Bitcoin’s 50% carnage on Mar. 12, 2019. A number of analysts have sided with the largest Bitcoin futures platform with others calling for traders to abandon the platform saying BitMEX “never had the intention of providing a functioning platform.”

After a three hour collapse of one of the largest BTC markets, BitMEX users were at the exchange’s head, Arthur Hayes, neck as shorts were massively “bullzooka’d” on market open. However, it seems the exchange is refunding the wrongly liquidated shorts as one user’s email from the exchange’s support team shows.

BitMEX offering refunds?

In February, a 58% flash crash on XRP’s perpetual futures contract in February this year caused an outrage across the XRP Army calling on the exchange to refund the liquidated users. However, the exchange did not refund the users claiming the liquidations arose from a legitimate trade caused by high leverage trades by a user. Read More...