Bitfinex to help develop ‘educational programs’ for crypto aficionados

Facing an investigation by the New York Attorney General, a class-action lawsuit, and accusations of price manipulation, Bitfinex and associated stablecoin issuer Tether have been on the defensive for most of the last year.

A new partnership to deliver “educational programs” may help the exchange to rewrite its narrative.

Bitfinex announced today a "strategic cooperation" with ODEM, a blockchain-based "on-demand education marketplace," to create courses about digital tokens in the blockchain economy. As part of the deal, Bitfinex will become ODEM's "premier liquidity platform," according to a press release, meaning it will help facilitate purchases on the education site.

At its most basic, ODEM is a bit like Udemy—it allows people who fancy themselves subject matter experts to create and deliver online courses and programs directly to students. (ODEM also allows for in-person training).

One key difference is that ODEM is blockchain-based. According to ODEM, distributed ledger technology "helps us remove obstacles to education, training, and employment," in part "by allowing students to validate and verify their educational and work credentials on the blockchain, ensuring they have control over their records and career paths." Read More


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