Bitcoin to Hit All-Time High Next Year After Wild Ride for BTC, ETH and XRP in 2019?

The crypto-focused investment firm Blockchain Capital just released a retrospective on the crypto market in 2019, as well as a set of bold Bitcoin and crypto predictions for the new year.

The report cites Bitcoin’s emerging street cred as an uncorrelated asset and a broad recovery in the crypto market at large as two of the main highlights of 2019.

“The crypto asset market recovered in 2019, up 〜56% as of 11/30. Major Major token themes include the continued dominance of Tether among stablecoins and the rise, and subsequent, fall of IEOs.

Conviction in Bitcoin grew as the narrative shifted from store of value to potential ‘safe haven asset.’ Ethereum held its position as the leading smart contract platform, with ‘Decentralized Finance (DeFi)’ emerging as the strongest use case.” Read More...