Bitcoin stocks vs metals: Which is more profitable?

The debate about the most profitable asset is fueling the Bitcoin stocks vs metals concept and for a good reason since Bitcoin has become a worthy contender against Gold and Silver.

Even though the cold and hard bearish winds of the stock market, Bitcoin has pulled through strong and stands tall. The stronghold of Bitcoin has led to various people comparing its strength and trends to those of the constituents of the orthodox stock market i.e. S&P 500, Gold and Silver, etc.

This trend was given hype when (@bitcoinecon) posted a chart for the general trend of the stalwart stocks and compared it with the activity of Bitcoin in an identical timeframe to contemplate the comparative investments in each of the categories. Undoubtedly, Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed all the others items in the chart.

Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō clouds designed to place the price trend of various stocks under discussion are as follows which put various aspects such as the direction of the market, the resistance faced by the stock, momentum, dynamics as well as trade signals are summarized in a nutshell; it literally translates to “one glance equilibrium chart: and follows its purpose to a fault.

Bitcoin stocks vs Metals: BTC/USD performance

A Bitcoin/US Dollar Ichimoku shows the one hundred and seventeen percent (117%) rally per year and also the fact that despite setting a record for an all-time high in this year BTC/USD pair remains forty-seven percent (47%) below it. Source...

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