Bitcoin Scarcity Looms As Institutional Investors Buy Up BTC

According to statistics and market data, Grayscale investments have purchased about 33 percent of freshly minted Bitcoin as Bitcoin scarcity looms. The firm continues on a spree of amassing a huge quantity of Bitcoin after they were confirmed to be managing about 70,000 Bitcoin on behalf of their client. According to a post on Reddit, the firm was said to have been aggressively accumulating Bitcoin since the beginning of April, and presently, they own about two-thirds of newly made Bitcoin.

Grayscale aggressively acquires digital assets post- halving

Grayscale Bitcoin acquisition post halving went up a notch after they moved their total Bitcoin supply to around 34 percent which was acquired during the weeks that Bitcoin had a price swing between $8,000- $10,000. The firm announced last week that their first-quarter review saw them amass a total of $389 million in their Bitcoin trust Read More...

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