Bitcoin’s 18 Millionth Coin Will Be Mined This Week

By the end of this week, the net volume of Bitcoin tokens available for mining will further shrink to only three million. That’s after the 18,000,000th token enters circulation in just about three days from now, marking an important milestone for the asset months before the next halving event.

It took the Bitcoin network just over 10 years to exhaust 85.7% of the total supply, which is basically the metaphorical blink of an eye when compared to the 120 more years it will take before all 21 million units of the cryptocurrency are mined.

Network Hashrate Remains on the Higher Side

With this new milestone approaching fast, many in the broader community are wondering what the future holds for the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency. Will mining difficulty become too hard and rewards too low for miners to remain committed to the cause?


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