Bitcoin Rich: 6 Crypto Entrepreneurs Make the 2020 Hurun Billionaire List

On Wednesday, the “Hurun Global Rich List,” a ranking of the wealthiest individuals, published its 2020 report that notes the world saw 346 new billionaires last year. This year’s list also includes six blockchain entrepreneurs who made the Hurun Global Rich List through cryptocurrency investments.

Cryptos Billionaire Club

The Hurun Global Rich List is well known for documenting the wealthiest individuals on the planet and in 2020 there is a record number of billionaires worldwide. An estimate from the list published on Wednesday shows a world record of 2,816 billionaires and China and the U.S. take the lead with 1,425 individual billionaires between both countries. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world and has been for the past three years. Bezos owns a cool $140 billion but lost $7 billion last year.

Moreover, Bezo’s ex-wife Mackenzie made the list for the first time as she now owns $44 billion. In addition to the latest list of the world’s rich and famous, six cryptocurrency moguls are listed on the 2020 Hurun Global Rich List. Last year, there were 13 listed within Huran’s report and Bitmain’s Jihan Wu was one of them. However, Wu and a few others did not make the list this year , but Bitmain cofounder Zhan Ketuan is mentioned. Read More...

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