🎬 Bitcoin Rapid Fire: Michael Saylor- Bitcoin is Hope

Michael Saylor (more recently known as the 'GigaChad') is the founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, a publicly listed company on the NASDAQ.

In March of 2020, as a result of the rapidly changing macroeconomic landscape, he took the time to investigate bitcoin, in order to determine if it could be a useful tool for both his company, and himself, in navigating through this unprecedented economic situation.

What followed was a hard and fast trip down the 'bitcoin rabbit hole', and a dramatic shift in his perspective on money, economics, investing and a variety of other domains.

Michael and his company made big news in August when they announced the conversion of the bulk of their corporate treasury reserve to bitcoin (about $450 million).

This move made big waves across the bitcoin space, and since then he has been vocal about his excitement for what bitcoin represents, and has shared his thoughts through various podcast interviews, and keen insights on twitter.

Michael has also been vocal in his support of the bitcoin 'community', referring to them as the 'cyber hornets', and as such, conceded to come on for a chat with me after many of them swarmed him on twitter and pressured him into doing so:)

It's awesome to add such a great mind and kindred spirit to the bitcoiner ranks. Enjoy!

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