Bitcoin Price Set for a Massive Surge in 2020

According to a recent analysis conducted by a Bloomberg researcher the Bitcoin price is likely to grow by leaps and bounds this year, and there are two main contributing factors to the same.

As the world makes a gradual shift towards quasi-independent currencies that thrive on decentralization and sovereignty, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are set to win the adoption race, given the existing environment that favors store-of-value assets.

Bitcoin price to hit record highs in 2020, report

A Bloomberg report suggests that Bitcoin price will experience a surge, mainly because of two reasons – a fixed supply of twenty-one million coins and an ever-growing adoption rate considering its increasing demand as a safe haven asset. Yes, Bitcoin is undoubtedly emerging triumphant, says Mike McGlone, a commodity strategist at Bloomberg. Read More...

Bitcoin price to hit record high
Record Highs Predicted