Bitcoin Price Could Soon Double If History Repeats Itself: Top Crypto Trader

Cryptocurrency trader Josh Rager alleges that the Bitcoin price could double if it follows the same pattern as during the 2016-2017 bull market.

Backed then, the BTC price rose from its bear market low of $220 to $550, which mirrors Bitcoin’s ascent from $3,100 to $13,700 in 2019. After that, back in July 2016, Bitcoin skyrocketed to $900 out of nowhere. Hence, it is not unreasonable to expect a 2x increase this time around given the cyclical nature of this market.

According to Rager, the main challenge for BTC is not to plunge below the $9,000 support level. However, even if Bitcoin does experience another severe correction, he predicts that buyers will be back in the game in the upper-$7,000 region. Read More at UToday...


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