Bitcoin Price Clips $13,850 – Should We Thank Brexit?

The powers that be are predicting a no-deal Brexit for Britain, which means the country will be entering entirely new territory financially.

On top of that, some experts don’t believe the recent price rise for Bitcoin had much to do with Bitcoin itself.

Youthful angst, coupled with uncertainty about the world, could drive demand for cryptocurrency.

Despite everything, people are reportedly opening up record numbers of shorts against Bitcoin. The idea is that even if it takes off, it’s got to dip, inevitably. But what if it just goes in a straight line, all the way to $100,000?

Logically, you can’t rule it out, not with Bitcoin.

For its part, Brexit might mean that people on the in the Isles have no choice but to use cryptocurrency for certain payments.

Accepting it from tourists, as well, might make the most sense. But that wouldn’t explain the current demand for cryptocurrency.

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