Bitcoin Price Boon: French Bank Predicts ECB To Activate QE Again

For both those involved in Bitcoin and traditional markets, all eyes have been on the world’s central banks over the past year. Many analysts claim that whatever the world’s leading monetary authorities decide to do with the economy will dictate the direction for global markets, and, potentially, the fate of the current fiat economic hegemony.

A prominent French bank, Societe Generale, is currently expecting for the European Union’s monetary body, the European Central Bank, to begin more capital injection into the economy. Should this play out, the Bitcoin price could benefit. A lot.

ECB Could Kickstart Bitcoin Price Boom

Since the Great Recession (and the birth of Bitcoin), central banks have enlisted what is known as “quantitative easing”. This modern monetary policy sees central banks purchase securities and assets off the open market. Often, it’s bonds (debt); sometimes, it’s precious metals or stocks.

Quantitative easing — also known as open market operations — has catalyzed a massive boom in the stock market, one that is nearly unmatched in modern society. However, it has come at a cost: growing wealth disparities and the mass printing of fiat money.

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