Bitcoin pairs continue to fall, Binance Coin, TRON, and NEO due for further decline?

Since late December 2018, Binance Coin has been trading above the 7-week moving average invalidating all the sell signals given by the TD Sequential Indicator in the 1-week chart. This is can be seen as a clear sign of the strength of the bullish trend.

Last week, a new sell signal was given by the TD sequential indicator predicting a 1 to 4 weeks correction before the continuation of the bullish trend. Due to the strong support that the 7-week moving average poses, a break below it could confirm that a retrace is underway that could take BNB to test the 30 or 50-week moving average.

Nonetheless, the bearish signal will be invalidated if the 7-week moving average continues to hold and Binance Coin manages to move above the recent high of $39.6.

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