Bitcoin Obliterates $10,000 Hurdle As Cryptocurrency Markets Boom

Bitcoin prices (BTC) pushed past the $10,000 boundary on Coinbase Pro today, the cryptocurrency’s highest valuation for more than a year and a significant psychological milestone for retail investors as institutions prepare to enter the market.

BTC stayed steady between the $9,000-$9,100 mark in the earlier part of the week. Prices only began moving more rapidly on Thursday morning and hit $9,600 by yesterday’s close: the trend continued, albeit at a slower pace, throughout the Asian and European trading days. Bitcoin spiked above $10,000 on Coinbase Pro (GDAX) at around 11:32pm UTC.

This is Bitcoin’s highest valuation for 2019; its apotheosis since the boom in early April. BTC was last above $10,000 back in early March 2018, and although it came within a whisker of hitting the Big Ten in the run-up to last year’s Consensus event in New York, it eventually fell short.

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