Bitcoin Need Accentuated as Negative-Yielding Debt Hits $17 Trillion

If you told economists twenty years ago about Bitcoin (BTC) and negative-yielding debt, they would be shocked.

In the 1990s or even the 2000s, decentralized digital money and a bond that made your money disappear with time would have seemed abstract — quite abstract. Now, however, these two financial trends, which came to fruition mostly over the last decade, have become widely recognized.

On Friday, Bloomberg reported that the negative-yielding bond situation has just developed. Their report, which cites the Bloomberg Barclays Global-Aggregate bond index, shows that $17 trillion worth of bonds is negative-yielding.

To describe how crazy negative interest rates are, here’s Bitcoin commentator Rhythm to explain. As he explained in a recent tweet, it’s essentially like lending someone your capital and expecting to receive less of it back in a few years’ time. In no world does this make sense. After all, investments are supposed to yield a return, not result in you slowly losing your capital. Read More at NewsBTC...