Bitcoin Lightning Network nodes increasing: hits 10000

An increase of around three percent (3.1%) has been observed in the nodes for Bitcoin Lightning Network. The recent boost has raised the said number of nodes up to ten thousand (10,000).

Relative to the number of nodes of Bitcoin, which is a hundred thousand (100,000) nodes, the number of Lightening nodes is very small, yet the speed makes it up for the numbers.

Since the Bitcoin Lightning Network is a decentralized scaling network, it is generally more economical and more rapid than the Bitcoin network.

Effect of new Bitcoin Lightning Network nodes

Due to the increased speed, the Lightning Network can process about a million (1,000,000) transactions per second. Whereas the original Bitcoin platform can process just about seven (7) transactions per second.

This ability of the Lightning Network to process at such high speed allows the network to go forth with large amounts of micropayments as low as one Satoshi, which is a hundred millionth fraction of a Bitcoin. This is what allows the Lightning Network to deal with the growing number of users and transactions. Read More...

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