Bitcoin Has Been Hijacked by Communists, claims BSV Supporter

In the cryptocurrency space, one significant argument that is always being brought up is whether the original Bitcoin today has strayed from what Satoshi Nakamoto, its creator, first envisioned.

Yesterday, one of the founders of the Bitcoin SV-powered social media platform Twetch, appeared in an episode of the David Knight Show. There, the founder, Josh Petty, posited a theory that communists have hijacked Bitcoin and made the asset stray from what it was supposed to be.

Bitcoin Isn’t What it Used to Be

In the interview, he touched on the fact that certain ‘communists’ were able to take over the entire codebase of Bitcoin, hijack the asset, and fundamentally change it from what it had been advertised as.

As he sees it, Bitcoin SV (BSV) has essentially replaced the original Bitcoin and is now the hallmark for what the asset set out to be from the beginning. The truth is, no one expects anything different from a BSV supporter. Read More...

BSV supporter claims Bitcoin is run by communists now

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