Bitcoin Halving to Push Market Cap Into the Trillions?

May 2020 will signal the third time that Bitcoin’s mining rewards will be halved, and it is set to be exponentially more dramatic than the last two times. Basing predictions on previous performances that followed the drop in the supply of new Bitcoin, it can be expected that the market cap could reach into the trillions.

Bitcoin’s current market cap sits at $142 billion, or $0.1 trillion, and its highest reach was $0.3 trillion back in December 2017. Bitcoin has yet to compete with other larger trillion-dollar markets, such as gold, which sits at $8 trillion.

This could all change in the years following May 2020. Looking over how Bitcoin performed following the previous two halvings, where macro-economic factors saw in an increase in demand due to a vast cut in supply, a trillion-dollar market cap is not just possible, but also probable. Read More...

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