Bitcoin Evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos Says Facebook’s Libra Isn’t a Real Blockchain

Fungibility is an issue at the heart of cryptocurrency – if some coins are good, but others are “bad,” then the system might not be sustainable long-term. Efforts have been deployed to “dust” the entire Bitcoin blockchain so that every wallet would necessarily hold “bad” coinage. The goal is to make it such that the whole network must be accepted, or none of it can be.

Nevertheless, governments have banned specific Bitcoin addresses from use. Which raises the question: what does a world of crypto and government look like? How much friendly interaction can the two have?

For his part, Antonopoulos believes that the Facebook project is another beast entirely. Answering a question submitted to him, he elucidates his position on Facebook’s Libra.

First joking that he sold all his Bitcoin to get into Facebook’s crypto, the speaker then talks about his understanding of the project and why it doesn’t concern him as a “threat” to Bitcoin.

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