Bitcoin, Ethereum prices give reason for cautious optimism

is once again bandaging its wounds after a rough and tumble week—clinging to trading prices just above $8,000.

The world’s leading cryptocurrency by market cap started off the day trading at a paltry $7,868 per coin, but rebounded by more than $200 within a relatively short period of time.

At the moment, Bitcoin’s price is hovering between $8,100 and $8,300, according to data from Messari.

Bitcoin’s behavior appears to be rubbing off on all other major coins, with assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin having risen anywhere between 0.5 and 3.5 percent since yesterday, according to CoinMarketCap.

Ethereum, for example, has spiked by roughly $10 per token over the last two days, jumping from $157 when the market initially fell, to about $169. While we’re nowhere near the trading levels of even earlier this week (when Bitcoin was trading for roughly $10,000 per coin), investors may be heartened by the fact that—if nothing else—prices have not continued to fall. Read More...


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