Bitcoin Emerging as a Promising Disruptive Technology

Several technologies influence our lives and one of the emerging technologies is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is being dubbed as disruptive technology as it touches our lives in several avenues.

Among other disruptive technologies, Bitcoin stands out differently because it has the potential to change the entire face of the global economy. It can alter markets and economies and can significantly alter the paradigms of businesses and trading and on this globe.

This disruptive technology or innovation can touch our lives in several aspects.

What is Disruptive Technology?

Experts articulate disruptive technology as an innovative technology that can alter markets, industries, and economics operations. It arrives as a superior stream that replaces the prevalent habitual patterns or systems and replaces them applying innovation with simplification.

Pondering upon the previous examples of disruptive technology, we can name televisions, automobiles in little older times and in recent times, streaming video portals, smartphones, and the internet, among others.

Under emerging disruptive technologies, we may include driverless cars, e-commerce, and the internet of things, virtual reality, GPS systems, and automated robots, also the blockchain technology behind the Bitcoin among several others. Read More...

Bitcoin Emerging as Disruptive Technology


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