Bitcoin Demand will Outpace Supply Within 8 Years: Report

Bitcoin Demand will Outpace Supply Within 8 Years: Report

Research from cryptocurrency derivatives exchange ZUBR suggests that the daily mining supply of Bitcoin won't be able to keep up with retail demand by 2028.

In brief

  • Retail demand for Bitcoin is red hot and continues to grow in 2020.

  • If it stays on the pace it’s set so far, retail buying pressure will suck up more Bitcoin per day than will be mined by 2028, according to new research.

  • The supply shock could send prices soaring, similar to what's happened in the gold market.

Retail investors are clamoring for Bitcoin, and if demand stays steady, this could cause a supply shock after the next two Bitcoin halvings. Why? The daily mined supply of Bitcoin will drop below the daily buyer demand, according to research from cryptocurrency derivatives exchange ZUBR. ZUBR crunched numbers provided by blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis to forecast what Bitcoin’s market demand may look like over the next eight years. According to the firm, when Bitcoin’s daily supply issuance drops to 450 BTC per day following the 2024 halving (it’s currently at 900 BTC per day), then retail investors “could potentially account for eating up over 50%” of this daily supply. Read More...