Bitcoin Cash Miners Plan $6M Development Fund by Leveraging Block Rewards

A group of Bitcoin Cash mining pool operations have decided to help fund BCH infrastructure development. On January 22, founder Jiang Zhuoer revealed that five mining pools are preparing a short-term developers donation plan. Miners from,, Viabtc, Antpool, and plan to give “12.5% of [the] BCH coinbase rewards to a fund that will support Bitcoin Cash infrastructure.” Founder Announces Bitcoin Cash Development Fund

Lately, there’s been discussions regarding funding BCH infrastructure development. The BCH community raised money last summer to go toward various BCH development teams. Now, five BCH mining pools have decided to donate funds from their coinbase rewards to engineering teams working on infrastructure. founder Jiang Zhuoer disclosed the news on Wednesday and noted that it is “is impossible for developers to develop for free for long-term.”

However, he also highlighted that the “corporate donation mechanism has some significant problems.” Zhuoer’s example of corporate donations gone bad is Blockstream’s influence over Bitcoin Core’s development process “which has led to the centralization in BTC’s development,” the miner emphasized. Zhuoer’s blog post stresses that centralized development has hindered Satoshi’s plan. Read More...

Bitcoin Cash Miners Plan $6M Development Fund by Leveraging Block Rewards
Bitcoin Cash Development Fund