Bitcoin Cash hard fork BCHA faces 51% attack

Bitcoin Cash hard fork BCHA faces 51% attack

The recently forked BCHA chain is currently under attack by an anonymous miner that is attempting to force whatever is left of the chain into non-existence.

The anonymous miner, known as has changed the Coinbase rule so that all miners need to send 100% (instead of 8%) of the block rewards to the IFP address.

This is a soft fork and these blocks are considered valid by other miners since the ABC rule is that at least 8% needs to be donated but will orphan any block by miners running pure ABC (not sending 100%).

The notion seems to be that the ‘miner tax’ imposed here is unfair, and if BCHA wants to take 8% of the reward from the miners, why not just take it all entirely? Miners would essentially be forced into going bankrupt or to stop mining BCHA. stated on Twitter,

“The amount of value that ABC stole from BCH pales in comparison to our expenditures. We are a group of old-guard miners and whales. We can do this for years. next time you fork: use your own genesis block, your own pow algo, and build your own community. BCH is protected.” Read More