Bitcoin & Blockchain Continue to Explode in China

The pro-blockchain comments from China’s president, Xi Jinping, continue to have a profound effect on the nation’s involvement with Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies, despite the fact that Xi’s remarks are just four days old.

Chinese Bank Invests in Bitcoin Wallet

The rumors of Bitcoin’s death in China have seemingly been exaggerated. According to Primitive Ventures founding partner Dovey Wan, an investor known for her insights into the Chinese market, China Merchant Bank has just announced an investment in BitPie, “the Bitcoin wallet with the longest history and most users in China.”

China Merchant Bank, according to this outlet’s knowledge, is a mid-sized financial institution in the nation with hundreds of branches. It’s no small fish, that’s for sure. Read More...

Bitcoin & Blockchain Continue to Explode in China
China is ramping up its interest in Blockchain technology

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