Bitcoin Billionaire Pledges Crypto Billions to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet’s ‘Giving Pledge’

Ben Delo, bitcoin billionaire and co-founder of crypto trading platform BitMEX, has pledged the majority of his wealth to Giving Pledge, the philanthropic organization set up by Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffet.

The 35-year-old crypto entrepreneur is Britain’s youngest self-made billionaire, and the latest to join the philanthropy movement. Delo has pledged the majority of his estimated $3.6 billion net worth to help alleviate catastrophic threats of nuclear war and climate disasters.

“My ambition now is to do the most good possible with my wealth. To me, this means funding work to safeguard future generations and protect the long-term prospects of humanity. This includes mitigating risks that could spell the end of human endeavour or permanently curtail our potential” – Ben Delo.

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