Bitcoin Bag Guy Explains 'That' Deutsche Bank Photo

You’ve likely seen a photograph of two dapper, well-groomed gentlemen exiting Deutsche Bank's London offices (see below) over the past day, one of whom was rocking a canvas tote with ‘BITCOINS’ printed on its side.

Believing the bitcoin bag-holder is destined to become enshrined in crypto-folklore alongside the likes of Bitcoin Pizza Guy and Bitcoin Sign Guy, we at CryptoGlobe set out to identify him. After having trawled the interwebs, we can proudly say we found and spoke to the man of the moment: Bitcoin Bag Guy.

Now, given the mass layoffs currently transpiring at Deutsche Bank, you’d assume the photographed duo are today adjusting to unemployed life. Certainly, that’s what major media outlets like the Financial Times, The Guardian, and The Daily Telegraph seemed to imply by featuring the photograph – taken by Reuters’ Simon Dawson – in articles covering the Deutsche Bank job cull on Monday.

Much to our surprise, however, the two are no freshly laid-off bankers. As a matter of fact, they aren’t even bankers. What business, then, did they have visiting the beleaguered bank’s London offices? Plenty, actually. As it turns out, both Bitcoin Bag Guy and his associate had just completed a tailored fitting for some of their Deutsche Bank clients. Read More at CryptoGlobe...

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