Bitcoin ATMs Exceed 10,000 Globally

While the price of Bitcoin might be taking a dip, there are other reasons to be bullish. Bitcoin ATMs has reached significant milestone as the number of machines installed worldwide has recently exceeded 10,000.

After only seven years since first launching there are now 10,162 Bitcoin ATMS in 71 different countries, giving access to people who might not be able to buy Bitcoin from an exchange.

Bitcoin ATMs Growing Rapidly

Since first launching in 2013, the number of global Bitcoin ATMs has grown significantly and recently exceeded 10,000.

Of the significant milestone, a spokesperson for Bitcoin ATM tracker website Coinatmradar said, ‘After the first 3.5 years, there were 1,000 active Bitcoin ATMs in operation, over the next 3.5 years this figure has increased by 9,000 ATMs more.’

Who Uses Bitcoin ATMs To Buy Bitcoin?

But with Bitcoin ATMs not being as convenient as exchanges, and being more expensive, who is using them to buy Bitcoin? Read More

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