‘Bitcoin and Gold are Not Even Comparable’: E.B. Tucker on the Future of Store of Wealth

While Gold vs. Bitcoin is one of the hottest debate of the recent time. Its emergence can be attributed to the fact that investors are looking for a safe haven in apprehended tumultuous times in the world economy. While the proponents of Bitcoin hail it as a boon, Gold investors have completely bashed the theory of them being comparable.

E. B. Tucker is a Senior Analyst of Strategic Investor and Strategic Trader at Casey Research, LLC. According to him, Bitcoin and Gold are “not even comparable,” he said in a recent interview,

"It’s not even a question. It’s walking versus air travel."

Tuckers’ belief in gold stands is due to its profound history of being a store of value for centuries. He said,

“With Bitcoin people don’t realise that there is only about $160-$150 billion overall while gold is an 8 trillion dollar market. You see asset managers and people have to move funds in and out of these assets. Bitcoin is not a functional space to store money.”

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