Bitcoin Advocate Becomes ‘Nobody’ to Run for New Hampshire Town Mayor

A Bitcoin advocate who has changed his name to “Nobody” was first in line to file his candidacy for Mayor of Keene on Aug. 21. The town in the state of New Hampshire, United States, has been dubbed Crypto-Mecca for its positive attitude towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

“Nobody” tells the truth

Throwing a curveball into the usual election process, “Nobody” aims to provide an alternative to the major candidates. One of these, city councillor, Mitch Greenwald has already welcomed “Nobody” to the mayoral race, saying that his campaign was needed.

In a campaign poster seen online, Nobody proclaims:

“Vote for Nobody. Nobody will keep election promises. Nobody will listen to your concerns. Nobody will help the poor & unemployed. Nobody Cares! If Nobody is elected, things will be better for everyone. Nobody tells the truth” Read More at CoinTelegraph...