BitCherry Sets Off a New Wave of Enabling Distributed Businesses with the Blockchain Technology

The nature of the business evolution process is the process of de-monopoly and the return of sovereignty. With the promotion of the global wave of science and technology, blockchain technology has provided traditional business with its advanced technology concepts, high-speed development and a wide range of applications. The feasible plan for digital transformation is gradually becoming an important direction of business evolution.

Distributed commerce is a new business system that emerged after the birth of blockchain technology. Because of its brand-new business concept and the advantage of relying on new information technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, AI, and big data, it is available in all commercial fields. It has very strong development power, and with the development of distributed commerce, blockchain projects which can better adapt to commercial attributes are attracting much attention.

BitCherry Blockchain Technology

On February 20Th 2020, the second blockchain and the whole field of digital currency summit “Turkey Economy Summit 2020” was held in Istanbul. BitCherry attended in the meeting as the main sponsor. During the conference, BitCherry development team officially announced a comprehensive upgrade technology innovation which showed BitCherry has become the world’s first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology.

Distributed technology as the core of BitCherry, always focuses on promoting the development of distributed and iterative blockchain network. The technological innovation brings more innovative physical layer which will sink more underlying IP network layer and data. At the link layer, a P2Plus point-to-point encryption network protocol is built, which focuses more on the comprehensive and deep development of technology and adapts existing commercial needs from the root. Read More...

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