Binance.US Will Be Led by Former Ripple Executive

It has just been announced that BAM Trading Services, the future operator of Binance US, will be led by a former Ripple executive. Catherine Coley, former Head of XRP Institutional Liquidity, will take the position of CEO.

Last month, Binance announced it would geoblocking Americans from accessing its exchange by September. Although this will be a tumultuous time, the exchange will be opening up a new division in the United States called Binance US before the ban. Operated by BAM Trading Services, a former Ripple executive has been named as head of this expansion.

Catherine Coley will serve as the CEO of BAM Trading Services, responsible for maintaining Binance US. A seasoned veteran in the fintech world, Coley was previously the Head of XRP Institutional Liquidity. Joining Ripple in 2017, she has overseen market development and trading infrastructure. She will now be responsible for BAM’s operations in North America.

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