Binance Tops CoinGecko’s New Exchange Security Ranking

Leading crypto data aggregator CoinGecko today updated its security metric to incorporate the Hacken’s Cybersecurity Score. As a result of the update, Binance has emerged as the number one exchange according to CoinGecko’s Trust Score. This is followed by Coinbase and Kraken as the exchanges with the second and third highest scores. Trust Score is an algorithm that takes into account all key features that any fully functioning cryptocurrency exchange should have. This includes liquidity, trading activity, scale, and technical expertise. In an official announcement of the update with Hacken’s Cybersecurity Score, CoinGecko said it is constantly looking for ways to improve the ratings and hence the need to incorporate the rating. “We won’t stop being transparent about our methodologies, and that means we will need to continue to be one step ahead in our quest to bring actionable insights when it comes to exchange market data…Today we’re proud to announce that we have found the right partner – Hacken, to work on this initiative together to increase user awareness on the need for exchanges to improve their cybersecurity practices.” Read More...

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