Binance’s Changpeng Zhao Declares Russia as a Key Market

It was the CEO’s first visit to Russia and his popularity in the crypto world came to the fore once again, as he spent over half an hour smiling and shaking hands with over 700 people who turned out to the meet-up.

Changpeng Zhao said in his speech at the concert:

“We are always looking for partners in any community, especially in Russia. Russia is our key market, one of the most active markets in the global blockchain space.”

The Binance CEO was asked who he believes would have the most influence on crypto in the future and he gave an answer that attracted laughter from the audience by mentioning Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president.

“In America, the regulators are very distributed, and China is not going to move anytime soon,”

“There is a potential bill in Russia that may pass very soon, and it will be a good thing for the industry.” Read More...

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