Binance Launches Margin Trading, CoinBase Says It Is Considering It

Binance is currently offering (in beta mode) margin trading on its custodial exchange (Binance.com) as part of their re-designed UX/UI (Binance 2.0) for this platform; sadly, this feature will not be available to all of Binance's customers (most notably, those based in the United States).

The first clue we had that Binance was planning to offer margin trading was discovered by Reddit user "enriquejr99" (who claimed to be a computer programmer) while experimenting with Binance's public application programming interface (API).

He revealed his findings on March 20 via a Redsit thread titled "Research: Margin trading features found on Binance API". As Cointelegraph pointed out on March 21, Binance "first promised in the feature rollout section of its whitepaper that margin trading would be implemented after spot trading and before futures on its exchange."

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