Binance iOS App Listed on Apple App Store After Delay for Review

Major global crypto exchange Binance has got its iOS application listed on the Apple App Store.

In a blog post on Aug. 19, the exchange announced that the Binance iOS App (V1.7.1) has returned to the App Store.

Prior to the official announcement, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao revealed the news in a tweet on Aug. 17, stressing that the process of getting listed on the App Store was tough and probably harder than getting listed on Binance, due to a number of rules and procedures.

The app’s recent return to the Apple App Store was preceded by a long waiting period by Binance users, who several weeks previously had posted Reddit complaints regarding the relaunch’s delay. As clarified by a Binance spokesperson, Binance’s iOS app was not under maintenance, but was pending App Store review.

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