Binance Informs Leaked KYC Images Overlap With Those Managed By Third Party Company

The cryptocurrency exchange informed that although the investigation is still ongoing, the security and investigation team detected that some of the leaked images overlap with images processed by a third-party vendor. This third-party company worked with Binance between December 2017 and February 2018.

According to Binance, there were multiply photoshopped or altered images that did not match the KYC images they had in their database. Moreover, they explained that the images they process through Binance for KYC issues and purposes have a digital watermark included. In all the leaked images there was no watermark.

In order to avoid further problems with users, the company is now contacting them with their guidance on privacy protection and restitution. They are also urging users that were affected by these issues to apply for new identification documents.

Individuals that have been affected will receive a lifetime Binance VIP membership that includes reduced trading fees, priority support, and many other things. Furthermore, the exchange is requesting users to contact the firm about restitution by submitting a request on the Binance Customer Support Center.

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