Binance IEOs Elrond and Cere Partner on Business & Scalability

Two up-and-coming blockchain projects have partnered on blockchain scalability for businesses. The first is Elrond, a blockchain with a focus on fast value transfer. The second is Cere, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that handles customer usage and activity data in addition to basic transactions.

The two claim the partnership is a natural fit. As Elrond notes in its announcement, business datasets must be managed quickly and securely to be useful. And, Elrond and Cere have both raised substantial funds through Binance. Together, these advantages might give them what they need to take on traditional CRM leaders like Salesforce.

Cere is a full-featured CRM platform on its own, but thanks to this partnership, it will be able to provide fast payments, escrow, and identity services powered by Elrond. Cere will also harness Elrond’s Adaptive State Sharding—which, unlike other forms of sharding, changes its shard count based on available nodes and network capacity. Read More...