Binance Futures’ Daily Trading Volume Is Over $300 Million, Managing Director Reveals

In an interview with CryptoGlobe at the recent Delta Summit in Malta, Binance’s managing director Erick Zhang has revealed the monthly trading volume of Binance futures is now over $300 million.

The figure is significant as he made it clear it’s at one-third of the trading volume of Binance’s spot cryptocurrency exchange has per daily – around $1 billion. What's more, the Binance Futures platform was only launched last month.

During the interview he noted there’s a huge market for institutional investors in the space, and added:

That's why we also introduced our futures product, the volume has been pretty big. It's one third of our spot market volume already - $300 million.

Regarding Binance’s role and future in the cryptocurrency space, Zhang noted that it’s helping users get access to a variety of services and is starting to become a “one stop shop” for cryptocurrencies. Read More...

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