Binance Considering Becoming a Node For Facebook’s Libra

Last week, Facebook launched the website of its long-awaited foray into blockchain technology, while also releasing the whitepaper for its cryptocurrency, Libra.

The social network also announced the names of the giant companies which will run the first confirmed 23 nodes out of a total of 100. The list includes leading corporations such as Visa, Uber, eBay, Vodafone, and of course Facebook itself.

CryptoPotato had the chance to interview Binance’s Chief Strategy Officer Gin Chao during today’s FinTech Junction Conference in Tel Aviv. Chao is a former corporate development executive for both the NBA and Dell.

During our wide-ranging interview (the full version of which will be released soon), the CSO confirmed that the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange is “definitely” considering becoming a validator node for the new Libra.

Chao also shared the exchange’s vision for Libra, and when asked whether or not Binance was considering becoming a node on Libra’s network, replied:

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