Binance Coin Rallied by 9%; Leaves Bearish Trend Behind

Binance Coin (BNB) is heading to break an extraordinary digit on the price chart. The currency has been performing extremely well today. The upsurge in the currency is amazing. The traders of BNB is eyeing for a higher level. The day is likely to benefit the intraday traders at large.

The current scenario of the market is pointing towards the upsurge. It looks like the price rally would soon embark on the market. Talking about yesterday, Binance Coin was seen hovering at around $16.35. The counter has already been breached. Let’s see where the day would end in BNB.

BNB to USD Price Chart:

The Trading View chart is taken on October 9, 2019, at 11:22:22 UTC for analysis.

Yesterday, Binance Coin kept a moderate movement. In the opening hours, the price jumped from $16.07 to $16.30 by 2.30%. The price immediately fell to $15.9 by 2.33%. The price kept hovering around $15.9 till the day end. Today, Binance coin took an extraordinary jump. The price escalated to $16 from $15 by 6.14%. Further, the escalation moved the price up to $17 by 4.45%. Read More...