Binance Coin (BNB) price returns to $22

The Binance Coin price moves back to the support placed between the $21.45 and $22.00 marks. The cryptocurrency sees a bearish momentum before the 21st of February came to an end.

The bears saw the price below the $21.60 mark, after which it saw some retracement above the $22.30 level before it returned to $22.

1-Day Binance Coin Price Analysis (22nd February)

The price line for Binance Coin can be seen moving down on the price chart before it approached the 22nd of February. The cryptocurrency saw a brief retracement towards the $22.30 mark before it fell below the $21.60 level after 06:00 GMT. The cryptocurrency showed ruffled price movements right above the major support in this region. The coin saw recovery towards the $22.20 mark after 10:00 GMT. Read More