Binance Announces U.S.-Only Platform, Current U.S. Users Booted Within 90 Days

Binance will no longer serve registered U.S. users within 90 days, and will open a separate U.S.-only version - Binance. us - of the platform in partnership with BAM Trading Services. This news is elaborated by three separate documentations released by the leading exchange in the past day.

Binance announced yesterday that it will "license its cutting-edge matching engine and wallet technologies to" BAM Trading Services, who were approved only days ago by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). The release emphasized “[serving] the U.S. market in full regulatory compliance,” as well as “a focus on the trading of mainstream cryptocurrencies with liquidity.”

According to CoinDesk, BAM Trading Services is indeed registered with FinCEN; but little else is known about the organization.

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