Binance Announces Next IEO

Binance has announced the newest initial exchange offering (IEO) and it’s the Band Protocol. As per the new rules, investors have to hold BNB for an average of 30 days prior to the IEO itself. However, given that the latest launch held on the platform – that of Perlin, brought insignificant returns, the question is if it’s worth holding on BNB to participate in the IEOs.

Binance Announces Newest IEO

Binance has just announced the newest initial exchange offering (IEO) to be held on the Binance Launchpad platform and it’s the Band Protocol.

The Band Protocol is intended to be a layer-2 protocol on public blockchains. According to the announcement, Band Protocol has a unique multi-token model as well as a staking mechanism that guarantees that the information is entirely free from manipulation. It makes data readily available on-chain and it offers faster and cheaper solutions compared to existing competition, according to the reports.

The holding requirement is elevated to 30 days, so people now have to have BNB in their accounts for 30 days prior to the IEO date. Interestingly enough, Binance has once again changed the maximum investment allowed for a winning ticket. It used to be $500 for Perlin and now it’s reduced to $300. Read More at CryptoPotato...

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