Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Eyes $1 Billion Crypto Venture

A new tool for crypto hedge funds is in the works. This will provide accurate investment choices for these institutional members of the crypto-verse. Billionaire Alan Howard is the mastermind of this innovation.

Superstar Hedge fund manager Alan Howard has decided to create a unique enterprise which will forever change the crypto space. Created by the UK Crypto asset management firm Elwood management, the system which is currently under development will create opportunities for crypto hedge funds and other institutions who wish to profitably sail through the waters of the crypto-verse.

Elwood Asset management are the custodians of Billionaire Alan Howard and other high net worth individuals who have identified opportunities to make profits from the new and exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

How the New Platform Will Work

Cryptocurrencies, in general, are volatile by nature. Prices are known to swing wildly. This creates great opportunities but also comes with extreme risks. The new platform which is still yet unnamed will highlight the opportunities that will create a safe zone for all participants.

The system will then create opportunities based on the identified opportunities and create a portfolio which will assist in the decisions made. Read More at CoinSpeaker...