Billion-Dollar Bitcoin Lawsuit Continues – Craig Wright Ordered to Pay $165K in Legal Fees

While the cryptocurrency community deals with floundering market prices, the billion-dollar Kleiman v. Wright Lawsuit continues in Florida. On March 17, a court filing shows that the self-professed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright has been ordered by the judge to pay $165,500 in attorney fees. U.S. magistrate Bruce Reinhart granted in part some of the legal fees the plaintiffs were asking for but denied the plaintiffs’ motion for the sum of $658,000.

Judge Orders Craig Wright Must Pay $165K for the Plaintiffs’ Legal Fees

For over a year now, Craig Wright, the man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, has been battling in court against his former business partner’s family. The Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit started in February 2018 and the Kleiman estate is suing Wright for allegedly manipulating 1.1 million in BTC assets and intellectual property as well. On March 11, reported on the judge overruling a number of Wright’s recent court objections and ordered Wright to provide better testimony and documentation by the end of the week. The plaintiffs had various plans scheduled to depose a number of fact witnesses as well. However, the recent Covid-19 virus scare has made it so depositions need to be done by video conference. Documents must be filed by using a shared file and certain depositions may be rescheduled over international travel concerns.

Billion-Dollar Bitcoin Lawsuit Continues – Craig Wright Ordered to Pay $165K in Legal Fees

Despite Covid-19 slowing down the court system, Judge Bruce Reinhart decided to make his decision concerning the Kleiman estate’s plea for attorney fees worth over $658,000. Our newsdesk detailed on November 27 that Kleiman’s legal team was advancing a motion for legal fees and Judge Beth Bloom decided to have Judge Reinhart look over the request. The Kleimans’ motion was pursuing approximately $66,023 in expenses incurred during the compel process and roughly $592,558 in lawyer fees. On March 17, Judge Reinhart ruled: Read More...