Big four accounting firm Deloitte unveils its "blockchain in a box"

Multinational "professional services network" Deloitte today announced the release of its "Blockchain in a Box," a mobile platform for hosting experiments and demos of business applications of distributed ledger technology.

Communicating the unique benefits of blockchain technologies to stakeholders remains a key challenge for both startups and established businesses. Deloitte, one of the "big four" accounting organizations in the world, aims for its Blockchain in a Box to make it easier for developers to quickly prototype, demonstrate, and share projects.

What’s in a blockchain in a box?

Demoed at Consensus 2019, the platform consists of four compute nodes, three video displays, and networking components for integration with external services like cloud communication and storage.

Secure Digital (SD) cards can be used with each of the compute nodes to allow companies to quickly demonstrate and share projects. The approach provides developers with a tool for creating and sharing dapps with a minimal amount of hardware.

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