BICO – The future coin for gambling industry

Online gambling is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The industry is growing at a rate of 10.8%. Currently, online currencies are generating an annual revenue of $7 billion, which translates to $19 million per day. The experts are predicting a turnover of $82 billion for this industry by 2022. The availability of mobile internet devices and the development of smart technology have proved the greatest driving force behind this growth. More people are going online to place their bet.

However, this industry still has its bottlenecks. Factors such as transparency, geographical barriers, privacy, and accessibility are still some of the issues that remain a challenge despite the development in this industry brought about by the improvement in internet connectivity.

The introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies to the gambling industry has proved a viable solution to these problems. The decentralized system ensures transparency and provable fairness in the gambling environment. In the conventional gambling set-up, end-users put their trust in testing labs and regulators that carry out endless tests and checks to certify a system.

The problem with such a system is that the end-users who are not in touch with what is happening in the background usually finds it hard to trust such third parties. Blockchain and cryptocurrency bring the transparency that replaces the trust in the third-party testing labs and regulators. It provides the player with the undisputable information that wins trust thus eliminating complaints by the players. Blockchain and cryptocurrency increase security and immutability. Additionally, the technology ensures faster, easier, and cheaper remittance with smart contracts.

What is BICO?

BICO is a proposed blockchain-based gambling platform that targets to provide a solution to the current challenges in the gambling industry. This platform is built towards the players by ensuring maximum fairness and safety for all players. BICO is a DeFi protocol that allows players to benefit from full transparency and full control over their betting experience.

BICO creates a unique distributed gambling ecosystem that neutralizes the current problems and weaknesses in the gambling industry.

The vision of this program is to create a completely new betting experience where users can take control of their money and personal data. BICO will implement its strategy to create the best and most innovative platform for online gambling.

What is BICO ICO?

BICO ICO is a fundraising activity for an online entertainment platform. We are creating a profitable online gambling platform. The aim is to develop something more than just another gaming platform.

BICO is designed as a constantly evolving online entertainment platform, which enables players across the world to access a variety of high-quality games with the best odds. It also provides an opportunity for the players to bet on competitive events. The project also entails the full range implementation of social networking features that will give the users a convenient way to communicate with other players within the ecosystem.

BICO will utilize the large data that is randomly created on the internet to create a completely new cohesive framework that will be useful in improving the experience of the online gamblers. The decentralized system will eliminate the trust issues and lay every important aspect of this industry open and accessible to all the stakeholders, especially the players. Since this is a decentralized network, the cryptocurrency will be produced by the entire system collectively, at a rate that will be defined when the system is created. The rate will be publicly known. Unlike the centralized system, this network will not have the currency controlled by the government or central authorities.

What Guarantees the Success of BICO Token?

BICO will implement its multiple platform strategy at the beginning to ensure that the betting ecosystem is truly decentralized. Building multiple business directions will ensure that the risks of deficit associated with this project are reduced to zero. BICO will open the switch in the future to balance the gambling direction without being affected by external forces. This platform will ensure that profits from games are built.

The platform will also have an intuitive user interface to meet the demand of the majority of the users with different skills and experience. Depositing money will be easily executed through the exchange service.

What is the Token Information?

BICO has a total supply of 20,200,000. There is a total Hard Cap of 5,050,000 and a Soft Cap of 300,000. The token will use Ethereum as a token platform. A single BICO ICO will go for 0.0014 ETH. The minimum transaction cost is 0.25ETH. The sales of BICO ICO is on until April 30, 2021 (11:00 AM GMT).

Token Distribution and Funds Allocation

Token sales will take 60% of the token while 15% will be allocated for the team. Initial bankroll 9% while 8% will go for the initial cost. Bounty Campaign will take 3% while the reserve fund will be 5% of the token.

All the generated funds will be appropriately used as follows: 30% will go to marketing while 27% will be channeled to research and development. Team building and retention will take 9% of the funds while 5% will be for business partnership. 4% will be for ICOP expenses. The remaining 23% is for Platform Reserve.

What is the Roadmap?

October 30, 2020, marked the beginning of ICO Stage token for sales. By November 2020, The bitcoin online casino will be complete. April 2021, will mark the completion of the currency exchange website. IEO will be launched in 2020. April to December 2022 will mark the establishment of the company in Japan. The company will officially enter the Asian market in October 2023, which includes releasing the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean versions of the casino. By March 2024, a blockchain betting system would be integrated. Sports and sports events. The best control blockchain system and affiliate marketing campaign will also happen as part of this milestone. BICO Decentralized Exchange will be launched in February 2025.


BICO is changing how things are done in the online betting sites to the advantage of all the stakeholders. As the online gambling industry continues to grow, BICO offers you this unique investment opportunity in this promising industry. Be part of this development by buying BICO ICO before April 30, 2021 (11:00 AM GMT) when this amazing offer ends.

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